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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
You have a suspect who you know just shot two cops that day and a cop and two civilians a week earlier and is continuing to engage you in a gun battle and you want the cops to just sit outside until he feels like coming out? If he came to the window with a gun and is shooting at law enforcement, deadly force is then protocol. That deadly force came in the form of fire this time. Would a bullet have been more humane? I don't see where the outrage is here.
Gunfire is to be returned against someone who poses an immediate threat to their safety or the safety of others. It was used indiscriminatley against innocent civilians on multiple occasions. If he was shooting or preparing to shoot, it's appropriate to return fire. If he wasn't, the appropriate response is to wait him out, gas him out, or go in and get him (isn't that what SWAT teams are for in the first place?). Destroying a house is excessive force outside of a warzone...and sometimes even excessive inside one. We didn't even burn down Bin Laden's house!