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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
In many places there are stiffer penalties for assaulting a police officer. I see the signs on the train every day - and that's just for train conductors.

My wife asked me why they weren't putting it out and the first thing I said is that I don't think you'd find a fireman in the state willing to roll up to a house with an armed quadruple murderer in it with nothing more than a hose. It's a suicide mission.

The guy in Alabama that took the kid hostage was also shot and he didn't kill anyone.

You have a suspect who you know just shot two cops that day and a cop and two civilians a week earlier and is continuing to engage you in a gun battle and you want the cops to just sit outside until he feels like coming out? If he came to the window with a gun and is shooting at law enforcement, deadly force is then protocol. That deadly force came in the form of fire this time. Would a bullet have been more humane? I don't see where the outrage is here.
How about Waco?

Was it right to burn down the compound with 17 children inside?