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Sorry guys for not updating, but I was SO DISSAPOINTED with IND and Eissenman that I didn't want to log any more.

And Yes I'm dissapointed with IND as well because if they wanted they could easily managed a discount or a rebate or any "extra benefit" (assuming they pushed Eissenman to get us a discount).

What Nate from IND told me is that they sell the product so well that there is not need to apply a discount. I really don't have the information to say if that is true or not, but let's be realistic how many exhaust systems can you sell in 1 yr? It's not a cheap product and how much demand can a product like this have?. And with this GB we had 20 potential buyers which could equal maybe X months of sale!! (this is just my opinion).

Anyway, I'm SO dissapointed. I hope we could have more dealers that could care for their potential and existing customers which are us, the one's that spend money for aftermarket parts = the one's in forums.