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Guys guys..guys...the divorced guys are not saying all women are bad.
It happens. It's hit or miss...some people last for ages and grow old together and live great lives and have great kids and still have great sex.
But well there is a chance it may go the other way.
You just have to be smart, do your research and ask questions.

Look at me, I was married for only 8 years. Ended with me not loosing much money...was just "given" an underwater condo and a few debts....hey I got off lucky when it came to money...but when it came to my emotions....I was fucked! And I still am.

But will I ever get married again? Yeah sure why not!

And before you call me a dumb ass here is how I see it.
I was married for 8 years. For almost 6 of those 8 i was married to my best friend. She was awesome! Gorgeous....amazing.....hell we were dirt poor and she was happy with a pizza and a rented movie on friday nights because that's the best we had! She use to help me work on the car and well she was great! I miss that person....

Now the last two years......let's not talk about it.

I hope now that I'm older and wiser and more stable in terms of finances and self understanding I may have a better idea of who I am and what and who I want in my life and maybe if i'm lucky the next one will last a life time?

So yeah it's's kind of worth it.