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Originally Posted by carve View Post
This was revenge- not police work. Throughout this manhunt, civilians were in much greater danger from the police than they were from Dorner, validating Dorner's point.

The homeowner should definitely charge them with arson, and the civilians who were shot at should charge the cops with attempted murder.
Thank you!!!

I also want to add (before this thread gets deleted like the last one) how do you explain the cops finding Dorner's ID 4 days ago in San Diego, but then claim you found his ID AND wallet yesterday in Big Bear? How did an ID and wallet survive next to a charred body?

Then, how could you not find him when he was right across from the command post? You searched a 100 mile radius, but he was supposedly right across the street?

Finally, it has yet to be confirmed that they actually have Dorner until (if) the dental records can be confirmed.

Nope, one more. For those that say that nobody's safe and he's killing innocent people, he had plenty of time to kill the two hostages he took in, but let them go without a scratch. Just food for thought.

now I'm done.