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Originally Posted by 135Pats View Post
I don't go looking for other cars to do pulls with, and 95% of my driving is within 10 miles of my house, but I NEVER see modded BMWs around these parts…There are a billion E9x, E60s, F10s, etc etc etc in my neighborhood, but none that are clearly owned by enthusiasts. I saw a black E82 with a berk race exhaust in Arlington about a month ago, but outside of that I never find other BMWs to play with....On the highway there are endless G35s and 350s that are just begging to get walked, but that's another story.
There is a 1er that lives in the neighborhood near my neighborhood, silver. But an older guy (30's), and I have seen another white one around but some lady drives it. There are ENDLESS 335i sedans being driven by moms around me. Have never seen a 135i that had work done to it yet around here. And yea, tons of G35s with exhausts and blacked out windows....they always give me a good laugh
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looks like unicorn vomit.