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Originally Posted by mapezzul View Post
This car racing has been a work in progress in the US for the past few years.... I won't go into all of it but this car is homologated for the "new" class of ALMS/Grand AM. BMW will no longer produce a naturally aspirated engine soon so technically they couldn't even compete in ALMS with the past rules. The next few years will be strange in ALMS because of the merger but once turbos are allowed there will be a different setup and that will be based on a production engine (N55/S55) which will cease the issue with the production engine rules.

Not according to the ALMS rules book, section 5.5 (page 201). Turbo/Supercharged engines are allowed.

So BMW doesn't have an excuse. They want to go to an all FI lineup in the showrooms, then have some balls and run it at the track now.

Originally Posted by mapezzul View Post
I wouldn't be surprised to see MB begin racing in the states now as well since the rule changes will make things more affordable- the Z4 has less development costs and is much quicker.
Other brands should take advantage of all the waivers BMW got. Benz should convert their SLS GT3 over to GTE spec.

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