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After 3 days and about 350 track miles, I was able to kill the front left PFC08's. I think this is a record. Now it's time to decide whether to cool the stock equipment or spend for a BBK. I'm wondering if the titanium plates keep too much heat in the pad. Hmmm....
I may have you beat. I have burned out a set of Pagid 19s on OEM rotors/calipers in one day at Laguna Seca. I am running R888s, which probably didn't help. But I also burned through CarboTech XP-12s in one day as well when running the RE-11s.

As far as ducting is concerned, tried that too. No noticeable improvement. Routing the ducting isn't easy, and my DIY probably isn't the most efficient. But I still get tons of pinging after a session--the same amount without the ducting.