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Originally Posted by Nordstat View Post
My fiance is on the brink of doing the same to me. She appreciates my love for the car and that I want to work on it, but doesn't approve of the cost of doing such mods. Its getting really hard to justify, say, a diffuser by explaining how it will improve airflow and stability at speed. If you find that modders-AA meeting location, do let me know.

I wonder how long you can hold out on the R8...although I don't think they are plain at all, but rather one of the more unique cars on the market. Its tough to mistaken them for anything else. Congrats!
I totally understand what you're going through. I didn't tell my fiance a lot of what I was doing nor the cost - we don't have combined finances. That's why I'm doing all this before we actually get married. I think I found a modders-AA, its called sell your car. However be cautioned, selling the car can lead to depression and eventually alcoholism where you may have to go to actual AA meetings. I strongly advise against it!

Yeah its tough to justify modding a car that is unique, especially when there are only slightly over 4,500 in the US to date. I don't plan on doing a damn thing to it honestly - just insurance and an extended warranty. At the most, new tires (not wheels, just tires).