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ALL of you should go back and do the following:

1.) watch the video again from beginning to end, if you quoted M5 in any of your posts, you're a moron, every post you made is nil and void and you're clearly too stupid to catch on. Stop posting in this thread, you proved your're a moron, now shhh and go play with your matchbox... TTHHFHHFHANNNNXXXX

2.) for the idiots that posted and commented on the M5 vs Corvette or GTR videos... see point 1 and replicate, TTTHHHANAFFANKKXXXXX

3.) for anyone here that quoted 0-60mph times of the GTR or any other car for that matter in this thread... see point 1 and replicate, TTTHHHANAFFANKKXXXXX

4.) now that weeded out the complete morons, and retained anyone who has any sense in either hemisphere of their brain, go read the original thread here
and READ EVERY SINGLE POST, if you fall into one of the categories in those posts... see point 1 and replicate, TTTHHHANAFFANKKXXXXX

5.) Not many left that should comment

Therefore end thread... because officially more than 50% of you are morons and should legally be forbidden to have children. And if you have children, give them up for adoption to people who are capable of raising children and teaching them something (fuck, anything), instead of pure uncanny STU-FUCKING-PIDTY.