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I have added some DIY links to OP

Originally Posted by Alen E90 View Post
.. i've always luv'd your SG E92 and you've got GREAT taste in mods, cant wait to see all of your new mods, keep us posted!!
btw your previous SG E92 looked awesome, i really miss it sometimes
Thanks Alen! I had a lot of fun with my 335
Originally Posted by W/// View Post
Props! I've followed your others threads and they were great reads. The car is so beautiful!
Thank You!
Originally Posted by GetzM3 View Post
Bad ass post and bad ass car! Congrats on the DIY job.
Appreciate it!
Originally Posted by MineralWeiss View Post
Congrats and excellent work! There is something about doing your own mods that makes it more special, other than the obvious cost savings!
You are right, it is extremely gratifying and knowing if I need to do something that I don't need to make an appointment and wait on someone else
Originally Posted by slicer View Post
Wow I'm impressed. I'm looking forward to seeing pics of your new brakes and wheels! I must say that I'm skeptical about brown wheels but I will keep an open mind
LOL Thanks
Originally Posted by badazzm View Post
You are an inspiration man!

Originally Posted by chris3g View Post
looks great! How low is that on the KW sleeve kit? Is that the max drop?
The KW sleeve kit is set about 3/4" from the lowest setting
Originally Posted by JSCO View Post
much props for installing all your mods especially the engine've def come a long way...congrats on a beauty!!
Thank You!!!
Originally Posted by nerwyll@trinityautosport View Post
very nice work =)

Originally Posted by 03BeastCharmer View Post
Props for tackling the brakes and Supercharger yourself.
Thank You! I was really expecting the brakes to be harder
Originally Posted by chuxdelux View Post
Its always satisfying knowing that you installed the mods on your car and that you don't have to take time out of your schedule to take it to a shop to fix something if a problem arises. Respect.
That's exactly correct! very enabling
Originally Posted by tmntmn View Post
I always try to do what ever i can also, nice way to learn your car. that's one bad a$$ car!
Hey Thanks!!!
Originally Posted by M3forMe View Post
Dude, nice work. That is some serious respect right there. You and your wife have to feel great cruising that bad boy around. Enjoy and thanks for sharing.
Thank You! Yeah def feels great
Originally Posted by Mmmdreamer View Post
this confirms Canadians are awesome.

Originally Posted by Trip3's View Post
I'm one of those guys that only changes the oil on his car too. You are definitely an inspiration and your car looks sweet! My favorites in the lady lineup are 4 and 6.
I know the feeling! I've added some of the DIY links if you are interested
Originally Posted by klammer View Post
Very, very, impressed I am in your exact same boat. Know nothing about cars other than what I've learned in the last 3 years of owning this car and really want to start DIY'ing, but too afraid to F things up. One day I'll grow up to be you
Awesome, ride
Originally Posted by Powerbeast View Post
Beautiful brother, now hurry up and get those FIs on!!!!
I gotta wait for the snow to clear, but I am getting everything ready Can't wait to see what IND is up to on you car
Originally Posted by AlpineE92M3 View Post

Originally Posted by chris s View Post
Awesome car....even better wife!!!

Originally Posted by E90M3velocity View Post
Your one lucky fella, great story and great car!
Originally Posted by Blindside_137 View Post
MY GOD! You and your wife installed your supercharger?!?! holy crap that's awesome! The car is a beast!

Can't wait to see the changes!
Originally Posted by BMW Fanatic View Post
When can I see it?!!!!!
It's currently covered in Mud and slush but need to meet up some time
Originally Posted by mkPOTO View Post
my favorite sg m3! where are the FIs??
Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
i'm very impressed. Alot of these are no small undertaking.
Technically, everything on this car is a "bolt-on" "bolt-off' affair, but it's not that easy. You need the right tools and patience to do the work. You also need to be at least a little handy and confident.

I chuckled when you paid the dealer $120 to change something cosmetic. Personally, I don't have the tools to do a BBK, but I always do my own interior and cosmetic mods.
Thanks! DIY FTMFW!!!
Originally Posted by creaminz View Post
Wait...this isn't what I was waiting for!!!!!!
Bahaaaaa, I know right! The GTR's are currently paperweights in my office gotta wait for some snow to clear to get the wheels on!
Originally Posted by e92m3allday View Post
should be illegal... car is too gorgeous.

Respect for doing all those mods yourself with no experience! Takes courage!
Much Appreciated!
Originally Posted by ///Montreal3 View Post
That's the kind of woman I like, one who doesn't limit or control their man's responsible spending, one who joins in on her man's hobbies.

Happy I have a woman like that to call my own!
Couldn't say it better myself!
Originally Posted by bape_sta206 View Post
I love your car! Where are the FIs?
Soon, very soon just need snow to get the eff out!!!
Originally Posted by KEYON View Post
Gorgeous car! Props on doing everything yourself!! I hope one day I can say the same.

Can I ask how you tackled the KW S/O kit and Chamber Plates? Did you have a lift or something? PM me if you would like to

Again, great looking car, and great job on all the installs!

PM'd and added some good DIY links as well
Thank You!
Originally Posted by Bimmer Nerd View Post
Time to move to canada. Free health insurance andddddd apparently pretty awesome women.
Sooooo True!
Originally Posted by ///MDriver View Post
nice fat azz .. on that car
great work, looks perfect. i'd stop my mods here
Thank You!
Originally Posted by Ohh_5H1T View Post
you're DIY king! props!!!
Thanks Bro!
Originally Posted by jjw2331 View Post
i like your car

Originally Posted by TheDeliverator View Post

From one SG owner to another. Car looks badass.
Awesome! Thank You!!!

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