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Originally Posted by f30nynj View Post
Man, I thought I was depressed for not having a girl and settling down. Now i see the picture on the other side of fence.

Shah: I totally see you why others keep quoting you, it cuz you have some great wisdom to share.

OP: I loved the way you consoled yourself with the inscription on the coin. Very inspirational. Enjoy the new found love.

An eye-opener for single guys like me.

Pleasure and entertainment is cheap and can be paid for on a per basis visit payment while marriage is not cheap as it is a commitment and a commitment require a lifetime payment plan Imagine your lease being up on your car,you return the car but need to continue to make the same lease payments on the car as when you had owned it even after the lease is over and after you have given the car up

Women are very interesting. As long as you do everything for her she loves you but the minute you do something wrong she hates you. The most interesting part is that when there is a conflict between the two parties they don't each go their own ways as the women will never forgive the man (in most cases this is but not all) and will want to make sure that he pays for this dearly for the rest of his life. So as long as everything is fine and great all is well but if you really want to know if a person is good or not you only will know this when a conflict or some sort of issue arises. Will she forgive,not forgive or not forgive and want revenge on top

Government takes almost half via taxes then the wife comes around and asks half of what you have left