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Originally Posted by fusionchicken View Post
I don't care about either car to take sides here, but the Z06 in the video pulls on the m5 in each gear, but it falls back during every shift. There is another angle of the race from inside the M5 IIRC and you can literally see the Z06 pausing its acceleration during each shift, it's that bad.

It is painfully frustrating, as a 3 pedals driver, to see a fellow stick shift car being driven that way. It is pathetic and a sad representation of what the Z06 can do.

With good shifting that Z should be able to pull 1 or 2 cars on the M5 easily.

WoW. Do you know the difference between DCT and archaic MT. Z06 falls behind with each shift because no person is capable of shifting faster than DCT. There is a pause with MT no matter how fast you shift but DCT is almost seemless. In E92 M3 DCT shifts are lightning fast and imagine DCT in F10 which is improved version of what is in E92 M3. Imagine what the Z06 could do with DCT but no, GM has to stick to old WW2 Tranny.

As for M6 being heavier than M5. Which retard is posting that as fact? M6 is always lighter than M5 and even more weight difference this time between the new cars and M6 has better aero.

There are cars faster than 458 just as there will be cars faster than GTR. Why is that so hard to admit. GTR LC is incredible but useless in roll and real world head up race you see on the street. No one stops on the highway to line up so you can use LC. Nissan has done a good job pimping it's PR it's just absurd the lengths people go to defend that car. On track it has no equal yes but straight line and much higher speeds you encounter in real world it is not as strong as most think.

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