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Originally Posted by Garissimo View Post
It's a better indicator of power-to-weight ratio as both cars are geared to top out well above 150 mph. It also takes most of the effects of traction out of the equation.

See above. The GTR is much better at putting down its power at lower speeds. Here's more evidence that the M6 is faster in a rolling race.

The 100 -150 mph split takes 10.6 seconds in the 2013 GTR

The 100 -150 mph split takes 9.3 seconds in the 2013 M6.

So as speeds increase, the edge actually goes to the M6.
No its an indication of gear ratios. The gtr is the lighter more aerodynamic car. It is 400 plus pounds lighter than the BMW and has a significantly lower drag coefficient.
Speeds over 130 go to the m6 anything below is clearly the gtrs domain.
That's why the video is bogus. It isn't because the Nissan launches better.

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