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My friends dad has one.
1. It is a very good looking car. I love the wide stance, sleek lines, performance-luxury look.
2. It is a techno nerd's paradise. My mother would hate it and honestly the screen is probably the most distracting thing I've ever seen. That being said it does everything a car should do.
3. The torque is awesome. My head was pinned back as if a '500 hp v8' was pinning it. Puts a smile on your face. Especially for those who never know track time, torque and the 0-60 times are very fun.
4. The batteries are like computer batteries, just lots of them. Yes terrible, still different batteries than the Prius I thought.
5. Made in America, tax returns and HOV lane
6. Expensive. No gas, but the car is damn expensive. Would all the 7 series drivers pay 100k for a car like this that gets 18mpg? Yes. So why not get 108mpg or whatever it is. My friends dad has an electric consumption monitor on his home and it has made very little different in his bill.
7. It's a great car. It's fun, exciting, new and different. Luxurious but awesome. The rear seats are awesome and not having a transmission tunnel means its a truly comfortable 5 seater.
8. Is it a track car? No. But either is the new m5 or m6 (flame on fan boys)