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Originally Posted by j2m View Post
Winters arrive yet???
They arrived last Monday, so I had them installed the same day.

I've had just over a week with the car now, and have to say that my feelings are a little mixed. Thanks to the dry roads, I've been able to get in a good amount of spirited driving.

First, I have to say I really regret getting DCT. I am not bonding well at all; sometimes it feels clunky and sometimes it shifts slow. I'm having to drive in M mode with everything maxed, but still find that things lag noticeably (throttle, shifts).

Second, the stock power feels underwhelming. Of course, I was expecting it to be slower than my last car (modded, my 335i was 420-440+ hp to wheels with torque in the high 400s. Taking into account altitude and drivetrain loss, this one is probably has about ~330 to the wheels, and ~240wtq at a guess (I will dyno it stock soon before I start mod).

So supercharging has to happen - if I had doubt before, I don't any more! I need to get this thing up to pace in the spring.

My business partner just bought a 997 turbo today, so I'm going to need something that can at least stay close to him. Although it'll be game over for me the minute he puts on a tune.. lol.

Surprisingly, I'm not feeling the connection with this car as I did when I first got my N54. I'm hoping I start to get it soon, certainly a different beast to drive. Linear acceleration vs the double punch in the chest from my old car takes some getting used to.

I've not got full confidence in the corners yet, but that's probably down to these fresh winter tires more than anything; not going to be able to go crazy until the summers go back on. On the plus side, the car sounds great; the cam gear whine is great, and the E92 M3 is probably still one of the sexiest cars on the road

Maybe I got a dud M3; I'll get it on the dyno within the next few weeks to see if it is where it should be.