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Since this is an Ionic knock sensor system it's hard to see what outside contributing factors are seeing/allowing knock sums to be detected. This is a very advanced/complex design that has the ability to pul timing per cyliner (I believe).

Traditional knock sensors sometimes hear "phantom" knock which is not actually knocking but (example: something rattling against engine block) a outside factor that makes the engine think it's knocking and thus pull timing.

You really need to see how much knock the car is seeing and then how much timing is being pulled. IMO the car will see a few knock counts as the car can/does have aggressive mapping and can do so due to the advanced knock sensor design. While the car runs very aggresive targets the result is small knock sums that may pull timing a few degrees but IMO this wouldn't be harmful at all. If the car really starts pulling timing there is def an issue. I would really rather see 0 knock though.