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Do you know why divorce is so expensive? Because its worth it! I have been with my gf for 8 years, she knows better than to ask me for marriage . We live together and that the closest shit it will be to marriage. The rules and laws are fucking broken and never get married with an iron clad Pre nup! There is not much you can do my man at this but to pony up the cash and hope she falls in love again and get remarried. Your daughter soon will be 18 and you can cut back the 1400 but I am sure you will have other expenses. Don't quit your job, do what you do best and just except that you were dealth some shitty cards and hope that it will get better... Positive thinking can do wonders at times and all of this hard time your going through could end up being a blessing in disguise. Remember that we sometime have to stand all alone on an island to make sure we still can stand.