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Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
This reminds me to another element I need to work with a lot of students. Most novice/intermediate students tend to be light on the brakes early in the braking zone and then adjust their speed by applying more brakes when nearing the turn-in point. I teach the exact opposite. You should be hard on the brakes early on and then adjust your speed by releasing the brakes if needed.

This approach is much safer because you are doing your hardest braking when you brakes are the coolest (at the end of a straight). By being light on the brakes in the early section, you are still putting heat in the brakes. You are then counting on hotter brakes to slow you down more at the end. Good chance of getting brake fade. By braking hard early, you can brake much deeper. Further, by adjusting your speed by releasing brake pressure rather than increasing it, the transition to turn-in and to trail braking is much smoother.
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