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Here is my $.02 on this..

I would find another similar paying job overseas,quit my job after,move to that other country and then claim that you are either earning very little or are unemployed. You can then give your daughter and wife what you had wanted to give them. If you remain in the US then there is very little that you can do. Lawyers won't help you much as they will just collect more from you. The longer and harder you try to fight the Better it is for them as they earn more. I would let no one know which of try you plan on moving to. Plenty of work overseas as well and plenty of countries one can live happily in. When things change in life then you must be prepared to make changes but if things change and you are not prepared to make changes then you have only yourself to blame for not making new changes. Divorcing your wife is a new change and when you make a new change you need to make a change for a new life after.

Make sure you help your daughter and soon to be ex-wife out until your daughter turns 18 at least. I would help her out till at least 20-22 so she can finish college so you don't look like a bad father. Supporting the wife till she passes away though I think is pathetic but if you stay in the US then you have no other choice.