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Just wanted to post an update as I want to share as much information as possible throughout the transformation.


Got a nice call from MaximumPSI today that they managed to get everything up and running! I am waiting for a couple replacement parts but the car is up and running. I would like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to MaximumPSI in Linden. Mike and his team are the best I have encountered performance wise and I am very happy to have them working on my car. They solved potential issues with ease and pointed out and corrected mistakes made by the install shop that put on the HKS kit with the previous owner. Some of the things the old shop did are VERY questionable and I am happy I got the upgrade done now so Mike had a chance to look through the entire setup. I don't like bad mouthing places but just a picture of my old intercooler should say enough. I will try to snap a shot when I pick up my car.


Mike called to tell me that my car is running GREAT and is quite a beast on the street. He managed to clear the adaptions and get the beast on the dyno! However, his dyno is indeed a heartbreaking one. Akash's Generation 1 AA kit put down 460whp on the dyno there and then put down 515-525whp on a DynoJet. Everyone who has had their car on the dyno there reports the same heart break. I will be getting my car on a DynoJet once I get it back as my 18" Volk TE37SL are on their way! I have a set of 19" OEM 220M wheels on at the moment. Additionally, my oxygen sensor isn't working properly and is being replaced by MaximumPSI tomorrow. I might be able to get the car on the same dyno after getting the sensor installed but it may not work out time wise. On to the graph!

**Mikes Notes: "Ignore the squiggles at the end, that is from the dyno run measuring after we hit the limiter."

I am very happy with the results thus far and this is a very good indicator that the advertised figures are attainable. My previous kit was just under 440whp on this dyno with my 20" ADV1 5.1 Wheels on. I will continue to keep everyone posted with honest information and my driving impressions when I pickup the car. I will see a nice change as I will get to drive the car as is, then with the 18" Volks on and next week with the rear diff brace. A lot of fun stuff this month. I am considering some suspension work but we'll see as this month has been an expensive one...
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