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this is all cleard up , went in for a fuel pump module malfunction, got the car back with a funky idle and hesitation on driving( lost its balls), went back in and go it back after they replaced two actuators and a coilpack(number3) once in a while on cold start it has a 30-40 second rough idle, not to where it will stall just not smooth, they gave me a bulletin saying its completly normal for the m3 to have a rough idle time to time on cold start( bullshit) it never did this before they touched it, its been a week so far since i got it back and so far so good, only had the rough idle one day for a breif moment then smooth out, everything else is fine, weil see what happens
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Some people buy cars to look at them and call them their babies, but not me. This car is my bitch and I bought it to drive it.