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The reason for the $1k agreement with her is less about making her happy and more about keeping myself from doing anything to it. With the M, modding was like an addiction without an AA meeting to go to. The forum and meets were like the opposite of AA for the mod bug we'll see what happens..
My fiance is on the brink of doing the same to me. She appreciates my love for the car and that I want to work on it, but doesn't approve of the cost of doing such mods. Its getting really hard to justify, say, a diffuser by explaining how it will improve airflow and stability at speed. If you find that modders-AA meeting location, do let me know.

I wonder how long you can hold out on the R8...although I don't think they are plain at all, but rather one of the more unique cars on the market. Its tough to mistaken them for anything else. Congrats!
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