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Originally Posted by thejamesg View Post
Hey everyone. I'm a recent graduate and working in Montreal,QB, Canada. As you probably know... Cars in Canada are a bit more expensive than over in the states.

I'm in the market for a new car and I'm a big enthusiast for sports cars. I'm having trouble making a decision.

I can get a slightly used 2011 M3 for about 63k in Montreal... And while that's not terrible...I'm really worried about the gas. I don't want to be paying over 1000 bucks on gas a month... More than my car payment... Which really is holding me back... Because I can get a 2011 335 for around 50k...

So I guess what I'm asking... Is if I'm thinking about this cost... Should I not be considering the car at all? Is this car not for me... Am I stretching my financial boundaries if I'm thinking about this?

Thanks guys
Negotiate the M3's price down to about 60K... 10 more grand than the 335... Well worth it