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I'd like to chime in here.

First, the purpose of the announcement is to 1) inform our members of what happened, and 2) inform the public of MSR Houston's business practice and bankruptcy status so that they are aware when they choose or not choose to run events there.

To be blatantly honest, Phil, James, or I have nothing to lose here. All of Houston M Club's events are not-for-profit, and we actually chipped in our own money when our events lost money. We've invested our own time and resources into M Club because we enjoy the comradery of all the members of the Club.

On the other hand, YOU, the members of M Club, are people who have something to lose here. You have been denied access to run at a great race track for a half day with a wonderful group of guys for $180... and many times with food and drinks included.

So, please understand that we are actually fighting for you. And let's show some support for Phil and what he does for all of us