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Originally Posted by Silver E90 View Post

I can't believe lack of interest that there is in BMW motorsports on this forum. It's a shame really, but I put part of the blame on BMW. They never use their motorsport program in any type of advertisement. When is the last time you've heard about a M3 GTE car make an appearance at a dealership?

Look at Audi, they used the R18 in a major commercial campaign talking about lightweight technologies.
Originally Posted by Silver E90 View Post
I see your point but again look at Audi and Mercedes. BMW sells more cars then both of them. But Audi has a LMP1 program that is damn near the cost of an F1 team, they have a GT3 version of the R8 that won the N24 last year and a version of it won the Daytona 24 this year plus they are in the DTM as well. Even Mercedes has an F1 team, DTM and has a SLS GT3 car.

BMW has the Z4 GT car and DTM. That's it. Keep in mind BMW sells the most cars. I'd like to know the motorsport budgets for each manufacturer.

Sorry rant over.
lmao. The N24 was a great race and if the Z4 didn't experience mechanial trouble, it would have won and simular scenario with the 24 hrs Dubai. I think BMW's reentry into F1 was a great idea but poorly executed. Both Williams and BMW (namely Patrick Head and Dr. Mario Theissen) blamed each other for losing races, which caused bad press for BMW. If they had stayed in the game just as an engine builder and stayed out of trying to control the entire team, they could have built a reputation of being the must have engine in the paddock.
Though BMW sells the most cars, they do have 2 major factors fighting against them. 1 the current CEO is very open about his dislike of sports cars and racing. 2 BMW is still an independant firm that just doesnt have the financial strenght that Volkswagen or Dailmer Benz do to fuel so many projects and races and no Martin Winterkorn .

Then again, what do I know?