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Originally Posted by GTM_Challenge View Post
Cant wait to see it! Sorry to hear about the losses though
Thanks! I'm getting pretty anxious.

Originally Posted by Gom3rPile View Post
I enjoyed the write up! I cant imagine being stuck upstairs while i knew my cars were being totaled! I am very interested in these journals!
It was rough, but I knew they were toast as soon as I opened the front door. You wouldn't believe how quickly the storm surge came in. I basically put them out of my head and just concentrated on securing what I could inside of the house. I expected wind damage, but nothing like this...

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Man... sorry to hear about your M's but gratts on the upcoming M3!
Santorini Blue is gonna be so haWWWWWWt
Thank you! I think the Santorini Blue car will help alleviate some of the pain. I had originally spec'd the same exact car but then I was like, this is the last of the E92's, I have to go big!

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2013 Santorini Blue M3
1999 Estoril Blue M3