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Originally Posted by M3takesNYC
Yes no joke, meth above is not flowing!
Guys, pay closer attention. My IAT on the dyno only rose 5
degrees. Here's Drew's kit where IAT rose 10 degrees with meth
on. Here's some more examples:

Izzy dyno (no meth):
Ambient temp: 59 dF, IAT: 114-118 dF, Rise over ambient: 58 dF

Alekshop IAT stress test (no meth):
Ambient temp: 83 dF, IAT: 130-170 dF, Rise over ambient: ~87 dF

M33 dyno (+meth):
Ambient temp: 87dF, IAT: 95-99 dF, Rise over ambient: 12 dF

DLSJ5 dyno (+meth):
Ambient temp: 72 dF, IAT: 82-95 dF, Rise over ambient: 23 dF

Without meth, IAT rise over ambient was 58-87 dF, and with meth
IAT rise over ambient was 12-23 dF. Absolutely no doubt meth was
working just fine thank you very much, Silly Rabbits Trix are for Kids

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