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Originally Posted by Elldon View Post
Thanks, seems like you still had fun :-) I'm a bit surprised though that you would recommend GTR for a street use. I don't know why, but to me this car looks like it is begging to be tracked and suffers on the streets (as does the driver). I would expect Nissan to prepare it more for track use, but from what you are saying it seems like one has to invest $ first for the car to be trackable...
what I meant there was that on the street the GTR is like a kung fu master.. the quiet and silent but deadly killer .. a nuclear bomb.. ... I felt like I was on the top of the pyramid... on a freeway I could quietly cruise .. but in a blink, drop the hammer and take off... it was a great feeling ... I had a meisterschaft exhaust and a mid pipe so it was loud and noisy but I didn't mind it.. I used to DD it to office and back all the time..

on the track .. it just needs a tranny cooler and better rotors and its golden.. but then it was hard (impossible for me) to find the limits..