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Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
Someone once asked me when they were looking at the Carrera GT and the GT-R and said to me: "Gosh man you must have so many chicks talking to you at lights and getting so much attention. I bet you pull chicks left and right when you pull up somewhere in this thing!"

To be honest, I am sick of the attention. I would never use a car to pull a girl. My 335 believe it or not pulled more tail than any car I have owned, mostly because it was a car they all wanted and went gaga over cause the leather or class LMAO. I couldnt figure it out but it was labled as being "so darn cute."

Best attention you will ever get in the GT-R? Meeting other awesome GT-R owners. YUP I have made more guy friends in the last 2 years than I thought possible. They have some awesome meetups with some true car enthusiasts.
yes GTR does cause full on cases of bro-mances!