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Originally Posted by scorcherjf View Post
The problem with looking at a statistic like homicides per firearm is the issue of people with multiple firearms. Most people I know with guns own more than one so this biases the figure downwards lessening the severity. For example if you compared two hypothetical countries each with only 2 people. Country 1 has 2 guns owned by one person and murders the other person in the country that would equate to 1 homicide per 2 guns or 0.5 homicides per gun. Country 2 has 1 gun owned by one person and murders the other person in their country which equates to 1 murder per firearm. Both countries experienced the same murder rate per capita but one has half the rate of homicides per firearm because of multiple firearm ownership. You can't just look at the firearm because someone has to use one to murder someone else but only one - you can't murder someone with more than one gun... at least statistically lol.
You are correct. But the point is that there is a wide spread myth that more guns = more deaths. This statistical format proves that isn't always true.

Don't forget that your example goes both ways. A country has 10 people, 1 person owns 1 gun and they murder all 9 people. Now you have 9 homicides per 1 gun. B country has 10 people, 1 person owns 5 guns. He murders 5 people. Now you have a 1 to 1 ratio again. C country has 10 people, 5 of them have 1 gun each. 1 of them intends on murdering 5 people but only murders 1 because the other 4 with guns stopped his murderous spree.
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