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Originally Posted by AshyLarryMP View Post
M6 depreciates really fast and even with low mileage. I was looking at a used M6 before I found the M3. I read about how fast it depreciates on Wikipedia. Something is wrong with the M6 and I'm guessing it's upkeep.
If you can hold out a while the M3 will cost less with the new model coming out.

Also the new M6 is coming out and this one looks pretty nice, so the current M6 is gonna depreciate even more in the next year.
Nothing really wrong with them per se apart from the SMG trans. IMHO, with an MT, the upkeep shouldn't be that much worse than an M3 to be honest.

Not to mention there's not exactly a huge market for a car that gets 12-15 MPG.

I was also cross shopping an E60 M5 with the E92 M3, just because that V10 is incredible and they were both around the same price. At the end of the day, I just can't live with that kind of fuel consumption.

Originally Posted by ///M3THOD View Post
JC you guys can be buzzkills. Not everyone in the world has $$$$ to spend on a fun, practical ride. There's plenty of scenarios with the above listed cars that could work out.

OP I have a CLS63 and an M3. While the e90/92 M3's are out of the question, theres CLS55's and CLS63's floating around in great shape for around that money. I personally find the e55/63's very nice as well. Any way you go, make sure you do your due diligence on the car. One heads up with the MB cars, get your airmatic suspension checked out.. they are known to go around 70k and can be about 8k to do all 4 corners if your going through the dealer.

Not trying to be a buzz kill at all, just being realistic. Like I said, in another thread, if you are worried about spending money on gas, then M cars should not be on your list, period. I had to drop $700 off the bat to DIY a faulty throttle actuator.

The AMG examples are perfect. You buy a CLS63 (which I've come to like a lot actually) for 30k, then all of a sudden you have an 8k repair? That's a quarter of the value of the car right there.
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