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Originally Posted by Redracer5 View Post
+1 for Amica. Great to work with on a claim (house in my case). I didn't know they covered hdpe. I saw the language but it's legally vague. Did you get confirmation directly from them?
I have not. And I agree the wording is rather vague (the policy also may be different in different states). I also wouldn't be too surprised that if I ever had a claim related to an HPDE, Amica basically said they'd cover me for that claim but wouldn't be renewing my policy when it came up -- but honestly, that's all I need. I probably wouldn't submit a claim unless it was in the high four figures anyway, and if I ever had a serious incident like that on track, I would probably find a less expensive car to track going forward.

I've heard that in some states (NOT Texas) insurance policies with the exact same language as Amica's have been ruled not to cover HPDEs because the judge defined "racing" as "if you took a normal person out to see this activity, they would call it racing, so it's racing", which I think is absurd. HPDEs have no timers, no standings/points, (for most people) an instructor in the car at all times, and no passing without the consent of the person in front, who is required to give said consent -- that doesn't sound like any race I've ever heard of. The angles I could imagine being tricky is if you were a solo-qualified driver because lack of an instructor might damage the whole "it's a school" aspect or if you were a member at a track and went out by yourself for casual tracking -- but I'm not solo-qualified yet and only go to tracks as part of HPDEs.

But no, I haven't called them to ask point blank because I've heard that some carriers (including USAA) have dropped policyholders even for calling to ask about HPDE coverage. That said, while USAA's policy wording doesn't flat out say you're not covered if you're on a racetrack for any reason, but it says things about activities intended to help you go fast or drive better ("Yeah, we don't cover your attempts to become a better driver...." ) and "anything similar to the excluded activities listed above", so they definitely have their weasel-out clause.
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