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Originally Posted by GOLFFRR View Post
^^Awesome! I would be interested to see your outlook on your results after 6 months when you are doing both crossfit and weight training. You are going to be a beast!

So far none that I can see. I will say that I have never taken anything else to compare the progenex force to before but I will say this stuff rocks. I use it last night for the 3rd time and love it. I also use progenex Recovery and More Muscle. All three products are great IMO
I hope so! I was a regular at the gym but always doing the same weekly routine (major body part + another part) + 30 mins treadmill jogging 4-5 days out of the week. I am already broad guy right now, but want to get more ripped. I noticed i hit a plateau and i noticed i have a small stomach that for the life of me cannot get rid of. I've incorporated skipping, full ab workouts, etc.

When i got into crossfit first two days, i was already out of my element and my body was not used to it. I was out of breath , sweating like pig, very sore in places i've never even worked out on before. However, I Loved every single minute of it! I noticed lack of core strength, flexibility strength , endurance, stamina that normal gyms couldn't give me. Another big thing i noticed was alot of techniques i needed to improve which is huge because they will let you know right away when your doing your WOD's.