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Originally Posted by surlynkid View Post

okay - you read covey. now sharpen the saw.

seriously, while it looks pretty on paper, a win-win is not always achievable. we walk into things thinking that, but it applies best within the same organization (i.e. your company). when you are talking about customers or suppliers, it cannot always be win-win. in the end, everyone is looking to make money and have the upper hand. you do not get to the top being soft on issues. tough on issues but soft on people. people like the folks that run MSRH are not like Jack Welch. their business savvy is far less than a lot of us that run successful business operations. we cannot change the players, the mindsets or the poor decision making of others. we move on.

thanks, phil, for working as hard as you have on this.
I agree in part with what you say, but explain more about "we move on."

My personal BATNA for tracking is pretty attractive (I also read Getting to Yes) in that 95% of my track days are with PDS at TWS and with Driver's Edge at MSRH/TWS. I am now starting with NASA. However, I enjoy the camaraderie of the M Club Events and MSRH is a track that I enjoy and is convenient. So while I have a lot of personal options, I don't think we have a lot of club options. I have not been to GSS, but it doesn't seem to be an E9x-friendly track. Next closest is TWS, and that's a 2 hour drive for a lot of which removes the 1/2 day option. So I am back to where I started, let's work to find a way to work with MSRH or I am doubtful that we'll have the same track experience anywhere else.

So when you say move on, what are we moving on to? I am asking, not trying to be argumentative (seeking first to understand )