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Originally Posted by onnex View Post
So I'll be making the move up from San Diego in a few weeks here, and was curious what I was getting myself into with regards to my car in the city. I have an Amuse front bumper that is currently off the car (minor accident), and would that thing just get obliterated in the city if I try putting it back on? I also have 20s.. are those going to get bent, broke and all the above on those roads?

I'll be working in the South Park area, and probably living near by. I've got an underground garage spot worked out at a killer deal, and ideally only going to drive unless im going out of the city, but probably around the city as well at times.

I'd be stoked to hear from someone who's lived in the city with their car and if they had any recommendations hopefully see some of you guys around!
I live/work in SF, and had 20"s with Eibachs on my last M3. The ride was brutal around the Financial District and SOMA, which is right in your 'hood. It was fine in other neighborhoods and the freeways, but downtown SF is brutal. It's riddled with pot holes, expansion joints, plates, and some parts seem to be under perpetual construction. I bent a rim (3-piece forged HRE) and nearly destroyed one of my OEM CF splitters.

On my current M3, I'm going no bigger than 19"s and will not lower the car.