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Originally Posted by Giggs View Post
I had always wanted to drive an audi r8 - dream car. Coming from a fully modded supercharged e92 M3 I was hesitent becase I've always heard recviews saying the v8 r8 is underpowered yada yada.. So i test drove one. Gotta say "what the hell are they talking about!?!". Maybe underpowered for a supercar? Regardless it was fast. To say the least, i fell in love. Engaging, quick as hell off the line (thanks awd), planted, sounds incredible, beautiful design. Immediately parted out the M3 and sold it. Finally found the r8 i wanted and purchased 2 weeks ago. Shipped from FL last week, it will be here on Saturday . Thank you test drive lol
Congrats! Be sure to post pics!