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Originally Posted by Smokescreen
Try going into to you main menu, then settings menu at bottom, then M settings. This is your setting menu for the M button on the steering wheel. Go to power setting and put it on sport plus. Take it out for a drive while transmission is in manual shift mode in 3rd or 4th gear around 3000rpm with static throttle (foot not moving!) Now hit the M button on the wheel. You should notice a quick increase in throttle input without moving your foot, and throttle should be much more sensitive when accelerating from a stop. If not, you might want to have your CPU re-flashed at your Uncle's shop with the latest software. if the M button works, turn it off and try the power button to see if that might be the problem.

For your EDC issue, find a choppy section of freeway and click it to highest setting, It should be noticeably stiffer. There is also EDC settings in M button menu you can try to rule out if the button on the console not working. Speedbumps are not a good way to test out a suspension an a car!!!

Squeeking at high rpms... accessory belt slipping? tire squeal?

It's a bummer when you come to a Forum for some advice and all the D-bags come out in droves to give you shit, unfortunately it's protocol. Next time don't complain about how you much you paid and how unhappy you are, never plays out in your favor! Keep it simple. Hope this helps.
Thanks!! Lol...My car is at the dealer they held it overnight because they were backed up because of Nemo and everyone's cars got messed up I guess.. Well I got a pretty cool active 5 loaner so ill let you know how it goes thanks a lot for the help!