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Originally Posted by TTG View Post
I had two experiences with them. One of them they try to sell me their demo M3 for MSRP and the 2nd time they told me that they are not interested in doing a Euro delivery...... I fail to see how you find them easiest to work with......

May be if you walk in there and pay MSRP for their demo cars????
Perhaps it helps that I'm in the industry and knew one of the sales people before going in. As mentioned, at this point I know 3 people that work there.

In all reality, no matter what dealer you contact/go to, you've got a small chance of running into someone who can provide the service you're looking for. I routinely go out car shopping just to make sure I'm on top of my game.

So, if OP would like to go to BMW Northwest, I know of someone there that can take great care of them.

Sounds like you've got someone at Bellevue who can do a great job.

I can even give a shout out to Knight at Seattle as he did a solid job when I purchased my '08 M3 there.
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