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Originally Posted by FormulaMMM View Post
Right. Another video to reinforce that point. And yep, the vette time is remarkable.

The sawing through the esses

Leh is the F'ing man. That GTR in that video was on all season tires!!!!!!! While we're on the video thing..

Originally Posted by bnombe View Post
I dunno... it was my thought too that it wasn't very smooth attacking driving (not saying I am any smoother or quicker whatsoever). I think the above point: "when you actually start going fast and the car starts sliding around under you......" indicates when someone is actually over-driving the car. Also when the car slides around so much (there was a lot of that in this video) and abrupt correction, times are lost. Just my 2 cents

That is not true, cars are actually fastest at a certain slip angle, ideally all tires at the same angle. Overdriving for the most part reference someone overloading only two tires i.e.: oversteer or understeer. Either end of the car sliding in a direction different than the intended line is when you will lose time, not when all four are sliding on that line. When all four tires are sliding the car is obviously extremely on edge, requiring quick abrupt corrections to keep them at the same degree of slip. Check out the video of the M3 i posted at the bottom, it's the perfect video for this discussion. Same car, STICKIER tires and not just a pro driver, one of the absolute best in the USA.

Originally Posted by RingMeister01 View Post
+1 Moving the steering wheel as necessary to keep the car in direction while sliding. Look at drivers like Fernando Alonso and Ayrton Senna, while qualifing the cars dance on approach and exit. May not be the most effective style over an entire race but one lap sprint its fastest.
In Ayrtons day of F1 this was very, very true. Modern F1 cars, and just downforce cars in general, are now producing so much downforce that the cars really just snap and slides are avoided at all cost. Gradual decrease of mechanical grip is a much different thing than a sudden loss of aero grip.

One last video then im done lol!!! This is another of Leh Keen, however he is actually driving an M3 on Pilot Sport Cups. Pay attention to his entries for the most part, he gives it its initial turn in and as the brakes are released the car actually requires ZERO steering many times.

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