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Looking to buy used, what to do?

I started this thread up in General about the possibility of purchasing an '08 E92 M3:

I guess I want to expand the topic a bit: if you were in the market for a new (used) vehicle, and looking to spend around $40-45k (give or take 5k on either side), what would you do?

I've been mulling over some options, and I find myself with a fairly broad and almost undefined criteria (I like to make things difficult I suppose) - within that price range above [$40-45k], DCT/auto transmission, low miles [10-15k, 20-25k tops] - being about it.

Obviously I've been looking to grab an M3 for sometime, so that's clearly at the top of the list ('08, '09, '10, somewhere around there; given those specifics above, it's been hard to say the least). With that being said, there are definitely other options, and other options that fit a lot better in that price range.

Again, just looking around, I've thought about the 335i, S4, A5, and the S5 (may be pushing it price-wise again). Everyone drives a 3 or 5 series around here (just like everywhere else I'd assume) so the Audi - especially the A/S5, with that quattro AWD - offers a breath of fresh air so-to-speak. Anyways, thinking along those lines, that's where my minds at currently. Other than the "criteria" above, I can add that I'm looking to purchase around May/June of this year, not that it really matters.

So given all that: what would you do, what would you buy?