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Best M for me.

Sorry for the broad question across these forums. I am looking to purchase a practical but high performance BMW M or MB AMG car within a budget of $30K or less. I need to be able seat 4 people at least. From my basic searches, it looks like I can get an E55 (2004-2008), a CL55 (2002-2003), a CLS (2005), and a CLK (2004-2006). I don't mind either a sedan or a coupe but not a convertible. Just to see I found that I could also get an M5 (2006-2007), an M6 (2006-2007) or an Audi S6 (2006-2008) under budget.

So, my question is what is the bang for the buck? From a style standpoint I find the CL, CLS, and M6 the best looking both inside and out. I don't want a complete gas guzzler either. I know upkeep will be more than a non AMG or M version and accept that. I basically would like to see what you guys think in your option would be the best choice