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Originally Posted by andrew777 View Post
This isn't the attitude of the left in the US. I'm all for civil unions, but when people want to bring down my marriage to a woman by changing the meaning of a millenia old tradition I am going to stand my ground.

People on the left specifically do not want to accept civil unions and need to be "married". You know what my opinion is. If you really need to be married cure that mental disease you have that attracts you to people of your own gender and then you can get off the short bus. Until then be grateful that normal people accept you at all.
You mean the millennial old tradition that used to include men marrying other men?

I pity the amount of bile that fills you. But it seems to bring you pleasure, so carry on.

As for me, I don't care what people do in their bedroom provided it is between consenting adults. Gay, straight, dwarves, dress ups, interracial, multiple partners, whatever. Go for your life. I'm not getting caught up about what people do.

Why does it affect you in the slighest?

MPOWER. Agree again. Marriage is a civil thing. Not a state thing, nor a religious thing.
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