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Originally Posted by Car54 View Post
With the DCT, can you leave it in auto mode and will it downshift to the lowest possible gear as you slow the car?
I've only done one track weekend in my M3, and I didn't think the auto mode was nearly aggressive enough in downshifting. It seems like it tends to want to wait until you actually start accelerating to downshift, not downshift through the braking zone. I went from "OMG these brakes are horrid" the first day to "they aren't great but can do okay" they next day with the help of a little engine braking in manual mode.

To answer the question of how do you drive on the track without heel toeing, I can answer that, since I've been doing it for 10 years. I've been trying to learn it for a while, just have had a lot of problems with consistent foot placement. Anyway, it's really driven exactly the same way as with heel toe, just without the rev (i.e. wait until the car has slowed, shift quick, go). Heel toe just helps maintain vehicle stability, and is easier on the transmission, particularly if the RPMs are a bit higher. After putting a new 6MT trans into my R32 last year (unrelated, I think, to my lack of heel toe), I'm very interested in making this one last, and hopefully this year I'll have finally mastered it enough on the street to start using it on the track.
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