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Originally Posted by Trip3's View Post
GIDRIVER I can totally relate! One of the guys I went to HS with had an e30 and I still remeber the first time I saw an E36. I lived in NYC from 2000 to 2006 so a car wasn't an option, but in 2006 my obsession with the E46 began. Due to life circumstances I wasn't able to get a BMW until about 2 months ago. My intention was to be reasonable with my money and get a 2008 G37 at around $25k. One of my co-workers said "GO BIG or GO fHOME...just get the M3". So I made a poor financial decision and spent
$43k on a 2009 M3. I now use the car as a DD and have perma-grin.
I've never been a BMW fan. I was going to get a 2009 infinity G37 because it's pretty fast, luxurious, and cheap. I read and watched all the reviews and comparisons for the M3. It pretty much won every comparison. I didn't really even need to test drive one. The reviewers were right. Everything was as promised. It's my daily driver and I love it. It wasn't a great financial decision, but it was a great life decision.