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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
I'll post some long term wear rates (# of days) a couple of months from now. The only way pagids can win for me is if they last a very, very long time. But IMO...the Stoptechs are a clear winner for me. Cost, performance, and at least from this short test, wear rates. The SR34s instill performance, feel, and confidence..
Thanks for the nice writeup. I may have to give these a try after my current race pads wear out (I have an ST-40 on my R32). Curious, have you run dtc 60 or 70 in your Stoptech? Those have historically been my favorite pad in the OEM R32 brakes, and it's what I'm running now in the ST-40, but I haven't had much experience so far with different pads for the ST-40 (I just got it last year). I'm interested in how this new Stoptech pad compares. The stoptech pad seems a tad more expensive, but not markedly so (side note, one of the things I'm growing to love about the ST-40, so many different pads are available for it).
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