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Originally Posted by OC3 View Post
Yeah, I do believe this is a problem with recently-produced batches. Anyhow, not sure which Nitto office you've been talking to, but the one here in SoCal have been very difficult to deal with (slow, near-complete lack of communications, etc, despite providing photos, proof of purchase, etc). And, after all that, the most I can expect is a store credit based on pro-rated amount of remaining tread depth. You have Nitto contact info I can try?
I talked with Steve at Nitto and then sent him pictures and a write up of my usage at Since I only used them for 12 runs on a 1:30 course, or perhaps a bit over 15 minutes of time, there was essentially no tread wear (which I suppose helped with a simple refund of purchase price). I was contacted by him after the manager at my Discount Tire store contacted Nitto. Discount Tire is simply great to work with -- very pleased.
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