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Originally Posted by davesaddiction View Post
I park my car in the garage at home and at work, so I never noticed an issue with my AC since I got the car this summer, but my wife drove it on a really hot day months ago and complained about it. I didn't think that much of it at the time, however.

I took the car down to the F1 race in Austin in November and noticed that, when the sun was shining hard into the car, the AC had trouble cooling it down, so I made a point at one of my last visits before the warranty was up to mention this to my SA. He had them put the dye in, and we re-checked it before the warranty was up. Leak confirmed = new evaporator.

Had to give my wife a big thank you for complaining about it!

As far as EasyCare goes, it seemed (from my research) to be the best regarded of the aftermarket warranty options. Time will tell whether it was worth the money or not, but I wasn't about to spend as much as BMW was asking for theirs, and it will make me sleep better at night if nothing else. A $500 bill out of pocket is a lot easier for me to handle right now than a $5000 bill. With this car, I'm more worried about the electronics than anything else, so I didn't want to get just Powertrain+ coverage from BMW, as some have.
That's what I figured happened. This is frightening, to say the least. Cool to know you were at the race. I was there too, at Turn 1. That was the first time I've ever heard an F1 car in real life. I'll take that weekend to the grave with me.
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