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Quick Detailers are not for cleaning the car. It is mostly to use on clean cars to give it a bit of shine and boost the wax/sealant you have on.

You can use it on mildly dusty cars that have been sitting around a garage to clean it but not cars that are driven because that isn't just regular dust on the car.

As for rinseless washes... they do work pretty good but it will mar the paint in certain conditions. I use Optimum No Rinse in the past and it will clean pretty good 90% of the time when the car is not very dirty.

I usually use the rinseless solution in a pump sprayer, totally SOAK the paint to lube up the surface before wiping with the microfiber mitt that is soaked in a bucket of rinseless solution. Then rinse off the mitt well before re-wiping. Always use very light pressure when wiping, never apply pressure when wiping! Let the mitt glide. Even then, on soft paints like BMW jet black, you will get light marring. Whether this level is acceptable depends on you.