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Originally Posted by mitch32 View Post
The spring on the end of the seatbelt extender mechanism has failed. It doesn't have the same tension as the passenger side and doesn't grab the seatbelt anymore. I'm on the CPO warranty so I'm sure its not covered, I can delete it but I would like to fix it if I could. Has anyone taken apart the arm? Fixed the spring?
You can purchase just the extender arm $56.00 . T o take the defective one out, let it extend fully, just grab it and pull it the rest of the way out. There is a flat piece behind the arm that will come out. Observe how the flat piece fits and put it back in position when you install the new arm. To install the new arm, lower your window and when you hear the mechanism cycle, before it retracts, insert the new arm into the slot, push slightly and when the mechanism retracts it will pull the new arm back in with it. Pretty simple fix. In this forum you will not find any other instructions on how to fik it. Check with to obtain the arm only. You do not need to pull any panels to do this fix. Hope this helps. BMW of Alexandria Virginia has the left and right arms for less than $60.00.

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